Why Embrace After birth?

The specialists of Embrace After Birth are professional, experienced, and practice with the utmost safety precautions in mind.

We are proud to have received our training from Placenta Benefits (PBi). PBi:

            • is the original, largest and most recognized placenta encapsulation organization in the world.
            • holds its Placenta Encapsulation Specialists to the highest standard of practice and ethics.
            • is the only organization requiring its Specialists to undergo annual Certification and ongoing evaluation.
            • created the standards for placenta encapsulation, and is the only organization with their Standard Operating Procedures on file with the US FDA (and meets or exceeds the safety requirements internationally in several other countries).
            • inspired and participated in the only published human trials into human maternal placentophagy.
            • is the only organization to date, to have research conducted on its method of encapsulation's preparation process.
            • trains the trainers, and is the gold standard in professionalism, safety and research.
            • hosts an annual conference, which provides the most updated information on placenta research, safety protocols, and more.

We are honored to be in a position where we can support new mothers:

            • Since 2012, Embrace After Birth has encapsulated over 300 placentas.
            • We are ServSafe trained in food safety handling techniques.
            • We are trained in and follow OSHA guidelines.

Praise from our clients