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During your pregnancy, you'll want to let your OB/midwife know that you'd like to keep your placenta and include your desire to keep it in any birth plan you have. (We haven't had any issues with the local hospitals releasing moms' placentas.) At this time, designate someone (partner, family member, friend) to be in charge of your placenta; their job will be to take it to your home after the birth and place it in your refrigerator.

You don't need any special transportation items, just a small, handheld cooler/lunchbag that you'll add to your hospital bag; the nurses will place your placenta in a leak-proof container at delivery and will provide ice for the cooler you use.



Ideally, we'd love for you to text or call us when you're in labor to give us a heads' up, but definitely do so when you've had the baby so we can schedule a time to start the process. We need to begin the process within 72 hours, but we're usually able to start within 24 to 48. Some clients leave us a means to enter their house (a hidden key, garage code, etc.) and some have someone meet us there. (We've had numerous grandparents and partners watch the process and ask questions, which we love.)

Unless you'd like to be present for the process, we can have your capsules finished and waiting for you by the time you return home from the hospital. Our process requires only the use of your sink, stovetop, some counter space, and an outlet. We bring all of our own supplies, the majority of which are one-time use only and disposable. We are neat and tidy, minimally invasive, and leave your space cleaner than when we came.



We have a two-day process. The first day takes about 90 minutes; we prep and rinse the placenta, steam it, slice it, and place it into the professional -grade dehydrator to dry overnight. The next day, we return for about 45 minutes to grind the dried placenta and place it into capsules for you. You'll also be given a notecard with dosing suggestions and capsule care.

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