Embrace a Happier Postpartum

Placenta encapsulation is just one tool in the mother's toolbox. Like everything else, it's not a cure-all, but instead one component in a slew of others all working together to ensure that the new family dynamic is off to its best start. Please use the following resources to help you on your postpartum journey:

Line up breastfeeding support!

Attend La Leche League meetings while pregnant.
La Leche League of Southern Indiana | Mom-to-Mom Support
La Leche League Highlands Group
La Leche League Louisville

Arrange for an IBCLC home visit after baby arrives.
Ashley Benz
Mary Oliver Humke with Blossom Breastfeeding
Bonnie Logsdon with The Baby's Voice

Join one or more New Mom/Postpartum Support Groups!

The Diaper Fairy Cottage
  Afterglow for babies 0 to 3 mos: Wed. at 2pm; Fri. at 10:30am
  Afterglow for babies 3 to 12 mos: Wed. at 1:30pm; Fri. at 12:30pm
  Glowing Up Playgroup: Mon. at 10am, Wed. at 10am, Fri. at 3pm
Sparrow's Tree
  Mama Birds: Tuesdays at 10:30a
  Night Owls: every 3rd Tuesday at 6:30pm
  The Fourth Trimester/babies ages 0 to 3 mos: Thurs. at 12:30pm
  babies ages 3-9 months: Thursdays at 11am
Mama's Hip ~ Mondays 12- 2pm

Ask for and accept help!

Postpartum Anxiety Support Group
  1st Tues. of every month from 7- 8pm at OwlTree Yoga
Postpartum Health Care/Physical Therapy
  Full Circle Holistic Care
  Dunn Physical Therapy
Kentuckiana Babywearers (and its closed Facebook group)
Birth Care Network

*If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, please call the Warm Line at 502.541.1818.*