Meet Amy

My name is Amy Adams. My husband, Matt, and I have two awesome daughters: Lucy, born in 2009 and Vivienne, born in 2012. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology, I have taught in classrooms throughout the New Albany and Floyd County school system. When my youngest daughter was born, I became a La Leche League leader with the Southern Indiana group, and became the owner and main encapsulation specialist at Embrace After Birth. Before moving back to full time teaching in Fall 2017, I had encapsulated 400+ placentas. I currently teach in a 3 to 6 studio at Community Montessori, and serve as backup for Carrie and Clare.

Early on in my first pregnancy, someone recommended that I use a certified nurse midwife at Clark Memorial and that I begin attending La Leche League meetings while pregnant. Without these two things, my birth and breastfeeding journey would likely have looked very differently. Giving birth was the most empowering and awe-inspiring experience of my life. However, the breastfeeding and childbirth preparation classes I took never prepared me for the hormonal roller coaster that occurs during the postpartum period. The second time around, I prepared myself for the postpartum period by encapsulating my placenta and relying on my village of mama friends. That made all the difference; I had more energy (even with also caring for an active three-year-old); my milk supply came in with no problems; and the ‘baby blues’ were almost non-existent.

The postpartum period is hard enough as it is when you consider the adjustment to a new family dynamic that occurs with a new baby. New moms need extra support, compassion, and every resource available to them to make that transition easier. Placenta encapsulation is just one tool that can help, and I look forward to making this happen for any mom who desires it.